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    Simone Marra

    I’m having problems related to woocommerce cart total when using an Excel Document formula. I see the formula correctly working as the product price changes as my needs, but cart buttotal and total ignores the new product price.

    1. Is there anything I have to do on excel formula or plugin settings to let the total correctly work?
    2. can you suggest me a way to apply a discount price to cart products lines, based on quantity? All the plugins I have found seems to have problems with your plugin…

    Simone Marra

    After several tests I see the problems are related to any woocommerce discount plugin.

    I’m using the plugin to have a series of radio selectors to add or remove custom options to products. I’m using an excel file and I can see the correct values as I select or remove options.
    We have problems regarding the quantity discount of each products. We tested about 3-4 discount plugins and the results are always the same: all the prices calculated by discount plugins are related to original products prices (the prices set on woocommerce product tables), and not the prices I see on the cart lines.
    Following is an example:
    – product 1, original price 10€.
    – I can modify the product 1 price using some radio buttons, so for example the calculated price should be 16€ and not 10€
    – If I don’t use any discount plugins I see the correct prices on cart list, for example adding several products and quantity I correctly see the cart lines prices modified, total and subtotals (for example adding 5x product1 with 16€ modified price I see the correct total amount 80€)
    – If I add any discount plugins the calculated price is based on 5×10€*discount rule, and not 5×16€*discount rule

    This is a blocking problem that prevents us to put online our website, so we need to solve as soon as possible!

    Can you suggest us a way to force the discount plugins to calculate discounts and total amounts using the WooPrice Calculator products prices?

    Jurgen De Wever

    I’m having the same problem …

    Total price is not correct … It’s like that the calculations did not happen … (But they did)

    Please, can somebody fix this?

    Simone Marra

    I managed to change discounted products adding manually some functions.php code. After deleting all the discount plugins for woocommerce, you can add some “add_action” hook to customize the way your cart items prices are calculated.

    You can see this stackoverflow topic to have an idea of what you can do (but I think there are several ways to proceede):


    Hi Simone ,

    thank you for your time and sharing thoughts about this. We will for sure integrate something
    in the future versions of the software.

    Best regards

    Jurgen De Wever

    Hi Simone. Thanks.

    What do you mean with “After deleting all the discount plugins for woocommerce”?

    I’m using one right now. Is the only solution deleting it?

    Simone Marra

    in my environment I had to remove all the discount plug-ins but I don’t know if it is a must for any web site.

    Regarding the web site I am developed, the only needs was to adjust the final product price based on product quantity, so I removed all the other discounts plug-ins to have the complete management of pricing on cart.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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