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    Hello, I am new to woo price calculator and I need help creating the formula for my website. I have 2 fields that needs to be calculated, 1 of them is a text field. Every letter has a standard price. That is 1,50 euros. The numberic field has a minimum value of 3 and a maximum value of 100. I need to make this formula:
    For example:
    Your name: Test
    Height: 3
    Test are 4 letters. So that will be 4*1,50 euros= 6 euros.
    6 Euros * Height of 3 is = 18
    After this formula, I need to do 18*0,25 and that is the last price.
    So the total needs to be: 4,50 euros.
    I have already created 2 fields. 1 For the text and the other one for the height. But, I tried so many things in the formula, and I just couldn’t get it to work..
    Can someone please help me?

    David Boyle

    Hello Ismail,
    have you tried to use the excel function Len() ?

    How to Count Characters in Excel

    Use this function to get the number of the characters in the text and then use that number to multiply with the price.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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