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    Marnick Menting

    I have multiple products that are calculated from one Excel sheet. Right now, I upload them multiple times, because the products have different price calculations. But they share most of the properties. Can I somehow add multiple output prices or formulas from one sheet?

    Marnick Menting

    Let me ask it in a different way. I have one Excel sheet for multiple products, but they have the same complex price calculation. I don’t want to upload 20x the Excel sheet, this is prone to errors. But I need to use the product ID in the calculation as a variable. Right now I added a step where the customer selects the product, but that is an extra step for the customer.

    See for example https://www.inkoopglas.nl/enkel-glas/ and /gehard-glas/ . In the second step “Type enkel glas” the customer chooses the product, on which subsequent steps are shown/hidden. But I would like to remove that step for the user and use some product identifier to show the right steps and calculate the right price.

    Any thoughts?


    Hi ,

    The plug-in is built in that way, it’s only one output final price. For that you’ll have to make different worksheet in base of what you need to achieve. You can make different calculators from one excel files that depends on how you have build that, but you’ll have only one final output price.

    Best regards,

    Marnick Menting

    What do you mean with ‘You can make different calculators from one excel files’? You mean create different Excel files and upload separately? Or can I upload the Excel once, and make multiple calculators using it? That would be great, but I can’t find that option. I can only “Write your formula” or “Upload your worksheet”. I would like to re-use the Excel that I already uploaded for another calculator, so I only need to upload it once if I want to change prices.

    Another solution would be to add a hidden input field “Product id” that I can map in the Excel sheet. I am now thinking about adding this hidden field in the template.


    Hi Marnick,

    I would advice you to split your Excel sheets, each for every single calculator, just for a performance reason.

    Large Excel files take more time to be calculated and your customers could not like it.

    But if you would like to take this way you could Just use the base price to identify the different calculator but you have to give up the “base price” for these products:

    1) Set a different price for each of your WooCommerce products which you wish to be included in your calculators.
    2) create your calculator uploading your spreadsheet file and map the “Base Price” with one of your field.
    3) Use this field to recognize the calculator/formulas (For example: Base Price = 1, Formula 1 | Base Price = 2, Formula 2 and so on)
    4) Remember to assign the products in your calculator.

    If you don’t like to give up the base price I have another solution, but it’s a more complicated solution.

    Kind regards,

    Marnick Menting

    Thanks. In my situation I have eight products that share the product options with the same calculations. The first step is unique per product, but the last four steps are all the same. That’s why I want to use the same Excel.

    Recognizing using the base price is a smart way to do it, but unfortunately that field is already used for another purpose and is confusing for the client. I think I will go with my ‘hidden input field’ idea, but thanks anyway.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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