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    Harkirat Singh

    Hi, I would love to display field descriptions on the frontend but i am unsure how to go about it. I can style it on my end, just need to call the field data. Also – Can this area have html code also or just text?

    Any help appreciated, thanks!



    Hi Harkirat Singh,

    The description property of an input field is an information related only to that person who would use the plug-in, not to the customer.
    If you want to add descriptions to a specific field there are two ways to do it:
    1) You can get the specific field by the id attribute and than add the title attribute inserting the description you want to use (it is explained briefly with 3 screenshots below). This way will display a message when the mouse is over that field.
    2) You can add an output field for every description you want to add from our plug-in by creating the field with the output property and than added it to the calculator. This will create a static description field.

    Please contact us if you need further assistance. We are always available to help.

    Best Regards!

    Marnick Menting

    I got this working by calling description; ?> in my custom template. Not sure if that is what you mean.


    Yes that was the right way to achieve the request.
    Best regards

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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