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    Hi there.

    When using date input field, autosuggestions block the calendar. Please see attached screenshot. I have tested autocomplete = false with Chrome Dev Tools and it works (in chrome at least) to hide the suggestions.

    I have looked everywhere for the bit of code that builds the date input fields so that I can add autocomplete = false but can’t find it anywhere.

    Can you show me where these fields are generated from within your plugins code?

    Also, I wish to restrict the times available to be selected from datetime field. I have already managed to restrict days to Monday – Friday but can’t find the place to restrict times. [attachment=345]Screenshot.png[/attachment]

    Thank you.



    It’s ‘ autocomplete=”off” ‘ not “false”.

    I ended up using a find and replace plugin to find ‘ type=”text” ‘ and replace with ‘ type=”text” autocomplete=”off” ‘ when page is loaded.

    I would still be interested to know where code that generates the fields is within your plugin as editing the code there is a nicer solution than find and replace!

    Great plugin by the way – thanks.


    Hello Michael,

    about your request, you can change or modify the WPC fields, without changing the core code.
    Here are the documentation how you can achieve that:

    Waiting for your feedback
    Kind Regards

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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