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    The rules: “starts with”, “contains” etc… do not seem to work at all for building rules with text strings.

    Is this not supposed to work?

    We want to build a rule, based on the selected option of another list field.

    P.S. We use the Greek language, but we also tried tests with strings in English, with no luck. All with latest/current version of WP and your plugin.



    Hi Ignite ,

    this feature of conditional logic is used to hide or show some input fields in base of the chosen value on another one.
    There are two things that you should be careful when you create rules .
    Firstly, you need to enable the conditional logic after you have set it and all the fields that you want to be in a conditional one,
    must set hide as first.

    Secondly , if you are setting a condition base on an input field of type list, keep in mind
    that this field for example has different option . And each option has a ‘label’ and a ‘value’ when you create them.
    In able to make the condition work you need to set rules in base of the value parameter not the label one.
    It might be a little confusing at first.

    Try to check this two type of things and see if everything works.

    Waiting for your feedback.
    Best regards.


    Hello, and thanks for the reply. We could not find this information in the manual.

    It seems to work, if we use the Value field.
    The problem is if we have many options with the same value, then the conditional logic will not work.
    I hope you can work out a better solution for this in the future?



    Hello Ignite,

    if you will have many option with the same value then the conditional logic will work in all option
    that you insert.

    Kind Regards,

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