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    Brendan Thome

    HI AWS,

    On this page I am using the WPC (https://techtinyhouse.de/shop/rohbau/fenster-tuer/). I had gotten the conditional logic right on almost all the fields. Then it all crashed, meaning that all conditional logic I had set is now gone. It took me a few hours to get it all right. Can recover that information somehow? If not, how can I make sure this doesn´t happen again. I´m guessing it is due to the amount of fields I have in that calculator. There is no other way for us other than using that many fields.

    Best Regards


    Hi Brendan,

    we had a look at product in attached link you sent us and there are a lot of input fields. It can depends on the complexity of conditional logic you are using because
    the conditional logic is store in you database like e json data. If the set of rules is too large it can cause this type of problems. But if you really need to set this amount of logic
    one way can be modifying the column data type in you mysql database. The column is called conditional_logic on the table ‘wp_woopricesim_simulators’. You can change that from blob
    to mediumblob or longblob. But we don’t recommend that as it will decrease the performance of the application each time a calculation occurred.

    Best regards

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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