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    yueming chen

    Hi, I have two fields (height/width) . I input the number to change the field.

    Scenario :

    ## first step
    width : 100(default)
    height: 100(default)
    price : 200 (width + height)

    ## change field
    width : 200(change)
    height: 100
    price : 300

    ## go to checkout Page
    Price 200 – Fail
    Total 300 – correct

    The price of checkout page is wrong, it’s displayed the price by a default value. please help me to correct it.


    Hi Chen,

    I analyzed your issue and found out that it is some issue with your local/development environment.

    Because I replicate the same scenario on our demo site and I was not able to see any issue.

    Please go to: https://demo.altoswebsolutions.com/wordpress/product/simple-product/

    This is a product which is similar to the case you told (height, width, and price = height+width)

    And repeat your scenario on this product, you will be able to see both the products with 200 price and 300 price in the check out.

    Please go to the URl and test it yourself.

    Kind regards,
    Sufyan Afzal


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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