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    Kay Gebauer

    Hello forum,
    we have a problem transferring the SKU to our Excel spreadsheet.
    The SKU should be transferred to a table for calculating article sizes. The field compares the item number with a list and then calculates the price.
    1.) How is the SKU handed over? As a text string or as a numerical value?
    (both cell formats do not work)

    If we do the calculation without SKU, the calculation works perfectly in the WPC.


    the SKU (red arrow) is transferred and compared with the article numbers (blue). If the article number is found, a factor is transferred for the calculation, which calculates the final price.

    We work with WPC release 2.4.0
    Best regards


    Dear Kay,

    In the A3 cell you can set the following formula:


    This will look for the SKU from A5 to A8, returning the result from B5 to B8.

    Some examples:

    – If you set in A2 the value 1037, you will get “1” in A3
    – If you set in A2 the value 1140, you will get “0.5” in A3
    – And so on…

    You can now use the value inside A3 to add it to the final price.

    Of course you need to map the SKU field to the A2 cell as you were doing.

    Kind Regards,

    Kay Gebauer

    Hello Enrico,
    guys you are cool …
    It works with the command = VLOOKUP (= VLOOKUP)!
    Maybe it’s interesting for others here in the forum what we calculate with the table.
    We produce individual products. The calculation is based on material costs and work performance. The request to WPC was:
    1.) The user specifies only the width of the product. The height should be calculated automatically. From this, the area is calculated.

    2.) Since products with small area have the same amount of work as large, we add an individual workload to the product. Thus, the price can be better adapted to the product.

    Since the basic price in the product for the calculation in the WPC must be “0”, we needed a second factor for the calculation.

    That’s how we solved the request.
    – Transfer SKU in text format (1)
    – Comparison of the SKU with article master (factor calculation amount) and article master (factor labor expenditure) (2)
    – Entry by customer of product size (input field) (3)
    – Automatic calculation of the height (output field)
    – The price is calculated by the area (factor calc * width) + (additional work).

    Maybe it helps one or the other here in the forum.
    many thanks!!!
    best regards

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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