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    Hi, sometimes the Excel decimal places setting is ignored? I have a sheet where all prices are number format with 2 decimal places. When it’s imported into WPC Pro it shows about 15 decimal places in the mapping screen on some values. It’s a worry because it can affect the price of an order depending on the quantity. It’s a basic clean spreadsheet where all cells are either general (for text) or number inc. 2 decimal places (for prices) format.

    If you want one of our Excel sheets let us know, or a screenshot of the Mapping page.

    Thanks 🙂


    Hi PG,

    when you import a sheet on WPC it see al decimals he used to get your price.
    Also if you set 2 decimal on Excel cell, you know that it’s just for human eyes, it’s not a ROUND.
    Excel still consider all decimals to make perfect calculations, so this is the reason why you see sometimes decimals when you map it.
    It depend by sheet calculations.
    So it shouldn’t affect your output price.
    Additionally you could insert a ROUND function to output in order to round the price as you want.



    Ah okay thanks, as long as it won’t affect quantity pricing.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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