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    julien lance


    I’ve just bought your Plugin, a great one ! Exactly what I was looking for.
    However, for me a feature is missing. With that feature, it would be perfect : How can we do conditional formulas ?

    I mean, I’ve some fields “size” for a product :
    Product size 1 – Value 10
    Product size 2 – Value 20
    Product size 3 – Value 30

    And another one below “Need a box ?” :
    No Box – value 0
    Yes a box – value 1

    I need a formula like :
    Product Price= $Product_size+ if “Need a box” ==1; then (If Product size 1 selected =30; If Box 2 selected = 15; …)

    I think it’s not possible now, Isn’t it ?
    Thanks to you !


    Hi Julien,

    thanks for your interest in our plugin!
    About your question I think you should have to use Excel Sheet instead of manual formula for you calculation.
    With Excel you can write conditional formulas “=IF() ” and assign inputs fields and output price to your products.
    Take a look at our PRO video here: https://woopricecalculator.com/documentation
    In this way you will simply get your correct price.
    If you need more help please send us your Excel Sheet and mapping configuration of fields.


    julien lance

    Hello Simone,

    Thanks for your help !
    Nice, if I can submit conditional formulas for me it’s perfect !

    Unfortunately, it seems that they are some issues when importing calc into the calculator. Just after submitting the file, I don’t have the sheet on my screen like the demo pro videos. Are they some restrictions, compatibilties to know ?
    I get just the “calculator” without anything below it.

    Many thanks !

    julien lance

    It seems that the last version has solved the issue, many thanks !

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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