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    Kristijan Cikor


    Pro user here.

    1. I need a radio option that is a part of the calculator formula, but is also conditionally hidden till another field gets selected. Formula should calculate the product price also when this radio is hidden. Now till the other field is selected radio is hidden, but calculator does not calculate the price, as it missed the hidden radio option. Is it possible to solve this so that formula would work even when this radio is not shown?

    2. Feature request or instruction request – how could one get tooltips like on radio buttons to be possible also on other field choices like selects, better yet on field labels?

    3. Feature request or instruction request – form would benifit also from textarea field for comments, possible to integrate?

    4. Wooprice calc is now passing the field label values to cart, but not to the custom cart plugins (like popup cart or side cart), how to display this label values also in custom cart plugins?

    Thanks in advance!


    Hi Kristijan,

    Thanks for writing. Following are the answers to your questions.
    1: If you kindly have a look at the link https://altoswebsolutions.com/documentation/8-conditional-logic, you would be able to see something like “Conditional logic will set “0” on mapped cells when input fields are hidden. This means you need to provide your Excel file a formula to manage it.” At the end of this article.
    It means If you want your calculator to not set “0” for your hidden radio group field (which is actually a part of your formula as well), you might want to mention it somehow in your Excel sheet to ignore the zero and use the actual price.

    2: Tooltips are not yet possible/implemented for “selects” or field labels. It is a good suggestion and might be a part of any of the upcoming releases.

    3: Yes, again it might be possible to integrate “TextArea” in the upcoming versions of the WPC but for now you can use “Text” input field for user comments.

    4: As mentioned in our documentation, WPC is integrated and tested with Woo Commerce, apart from that there are hundreds of other Plug-ins and we cannot guarantee WPC to support and integrate with them as per every individual’s need.
    But if you want, we can provide you some special “paid” support, in order to help you configure other plug-in with WPC and help you resolve the issue.
    Feel free to reply.

    Kristijan Cikor

    Dear Sufyan,

    EDIT: Managed to do it like described below, thanks!

    [color=gray]Thanks. I am not using Excel to create calculators for my web, so is there maybe a chance I could get us of “change the price” function:

    add_filter(‘woo_price_calculator_calculate_price’, ‘cmw_custom_price’, 10, 4);
    function cmw_custom_price($price, $product_id, $calculator_id, $data){

    $price = $price*5;

    return $price;

    In a way that a price would be modified with a certain multiplier if radio is selected?[/color]

    Also, regarding the other questions, there is not a lot simple working solutions that does what Yours do, so it’s just a suggestion from a user on how to make it a bit more common user frendly. All the similar plugins I tried pass the labels values to cart addons , only Your’s does it a bit different. It’s not a huge problem to solve, but would be nicer to have it working out of the box.


    Great, I am glad to know that you managed to fix it.

    Well, thank you so much for your suggestions. It’s always valuable for us. We ‘ll surely think about it in near future. Thanks

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