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    Hi, i would need to update my xls mapping file every day.
    Could it be possible to create a cron job to update it automatically, instead of upload it manually?
    I search in folder inside ftp, but i find only json file renamed (in upload folder) and i have no idea to work with.
    Thanks in advance.


    David Boyle

    Hello Fabio,
    Yes, It is possible and we did similar customization at least with another customer of ours.
    It is not a trivial work but it depends on the constraints you are thinking about.
    So please answer the below questions so we can formulate a rough estimation.

    Our questions are:
    1- How do you want to send the excel files on the server?
    2- What kind of changes do you think you may do on the worksheet (position of the cells, formulas, constants, mapping, format etc.)?
    3- Do you have full access to the server?
    4- Is this automatic upload associated with processes like versioning, notification, diagnostics, email, approving before being operative in production?
    5- are you going to develop the solution by yourself receiving from us only some tips and basic knowledge or are you asking for our estimation for a turnkey solution?

    If you want to answer us using a more private channel use the contact form link at



    Hello David, thanks for the answer, it would be great.
    I answer your requests below:
    1- i will send file with ftp upload (every day or every week, i’ve not decided yet)
    2- The worksheet is composed by two sheet. The first one contains “calculation formula”, the second one is only a list of value. There is a VLOOKUP function in formula that search the right value in the second sheet. This list may vary, depending on the number of products extracted from the company management program.
    3- Yes (Ftp, Database, WordPress Administrator)
    4- Yes it is. Every day the company management program extract value, that update the xls file, and then this will be automatically upload, and update the previous version. This file not modify the “calculation formula” in sheet one, but only the list of value in second one.
    5- I would like to try to find a solution on myself with a little help first, but if I can’t, I will need your help

    i attach my xls and file for better evaluation.
    Thanks for support


    David Boyle

    What I can say right now that any Excel formula works fine in most cases even with the last Excel version but if you want to work safely I strongly suggest you use a *.xls extension and in this case, you have 100% of compatibility.
    In your example, “Formula.xlsx”, the VLOOKUP works fine but the first column (key column) has to be ordered starting from the lowest value.

    Second point
    We have a lot of support options.
    And my first suggestion could be our live chat fully dedicated to you.
    It is a module of 15 minutes with one of our developers and you make to him all the questions you want and you will receive real transparent answers.
    Unfortunately, this support must be prepaid at the booking time at the price of € 24.00.

    Because we use PayPal as a merchant bank, if we do not respect the below promise, PayPal directly will fully refund you according to his sales protection policy at the link

    * If during the live chat you will express your dissatisfaction regarding the live chat, you have the right to request a full refund of the booked chat.

    Let me know if you are interested to learn more about our technical support that is unfolded in 8 levels.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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