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    Amy Pollitt


    I have the Pro version of Wooprice Calculator installed on a website with the latest version of Woocommerce and the latest version of the Woocommerce Bookings extension. I am using the Avada theme framework. Wooprice Calculator was working perfectly until I updated to version 2.3.0. Now, the calculator will not load. To troubleshoot the issue, I created a Woocommerce simple product and assigned my calculator to it. It still does not load. Nothing about the calculator formula or custom fields has changed; neither the fields nor the calculator load and the product remains at $0.

    I look forward to any help you can offer.

    EDIT: I uninstalled 2.3.0 and reinstalled 2.2.0 and the issue persists, so it’s not anything you introduced with the latest update. There hasn’t been an update recently to Avada, so I’m not able to explain why this happened.

    EDIT: I disabled Avada and enabled the WordPress 2017 theme and the issue persists.


    Hi Amy,

    Could you please send your WP-admin credentials here:

    Please add AT711 to your subject.

    Kind Regards,

    Amy Pollitt

    Thank you for your speedy reply. I sent my credentials to you with AT711 in the Subject line.

    After more experimenting yesterday, I discovered that whatever bug version 2.3.0 introduced affects all products and not just products that are attached to my calculation sheet calculator. For instance, I created a simple test product but did not associate it with my calculator. The price of the test product would not display unless I deactivated your plugin.

    Furthermore, if I edit the product and click on Product data > Calculator, the excel formula I created appears under the Attach calculator button and the button itself does not work (i.e. I cannot attach a calculator to the product from within the product page). However, I can edit the calculation sheet calculator and attach products there.

    Finally, I created a formula calculator and attached it to the simple test product. That price calculator loads properly but the calculation sheet calculator does not.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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