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    Before i purchase the pro version I like to know if this is possible. (see pdf as 1 page illustration)

    I want to sell training for people and the possibility to order hotel rooms
    for 1 person you order 1 hotelroom
    for 2 persons you order 1 or 2 hotelrooms
    for 3 persons you order 2 or3 hotelrooms

    see pdf file

    [url=http://www.horecatrainingen.siebenheller.nl/wp-content/uploads/calculations.pdf]Explanation PDF[/url]

    So it don’t look that difficult and I can manage to do this with 2 calculation fields but then the stock will not work properly




    At the moment this is not possible to do this in an ordinary way, but this is possibile by using jQuery/CSS:

    First you need to hide the WooCommerce quantity field using jQuery or CSS,
    Then using jQuery you can set at every change of the WPC Quantity Field “WooCommerce Field = WPC Quantity Field”, so that the Stock Management will work anyway.

    If you bought the plugin, you can send your WP-admin and FTP credentials to “https://altoswebsolutions.com/contact-us”, included the link of this thread and I will add the code for free to make it works for one Quantity Field you can use in all of your products (I mean you have to set the same Quantity Field created to all the products you want the stock management to work).

    Anyway further support about this piece of code will be a quotation.

    If you want a more dynamic solution, I can make a quotation for you (Also in this case you need to buy the plugin as it will be a separated quotation).

    Kind Regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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