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    Steven Smith


    AS brought pro version, as this issue is still bother me as i am looking for measurement based on fixed price e.g

    like this measurement if less than 1000 , the the price is 465 euro, if 900mm the price is same as 465 euro

    if measurement more than 1001 to 1500 then price appear 550 and same goes to more than 1501 to 2000 for 640.

    =IF(AND($aws_price_calc_2>0,$aws_price_calc_2<=1000),465, IF(AND($aws_price_calc_2>1001,$aws_price_calc_2<=1500),550,IF(AND($aws_price_calc_2>1501,$aws_price_calc_2<=2000),640))) I am using this function but it seems dont working as i am doing wrong ? as i know this function should be working in excel


    Hi Steven,

    when you use the excel file to create the calculator you don’t need to specify the id of the fields, because this is done during the mapping process.
    You can see how it is done in our video tutorial or the documentation section:

    you can check also real life usage of our software :

    Anyway if you will have trouble again using it, please send us an email at :https://altoswebsolutions.com/contact-us

    With the specifications of what you want to achieve , and we will help you to create the excel for your purpose.

    Best regards,

    Steven Smith

    Thank you, but it not what i am looking for, as i know how tocalculate or excel uupload as it in best case, but none of this function is not what i am looking for

    I am looking for formula or condition logic as “Great than” or “Less than”

    Here is web http://defe.charveyway.com/product/inside-water-barrier-600mm/

    Example If user put any measurement in length like 900m then the price will appear on 465 euro cos it between 100mm to 1000mm for 465 euro if user type more than 1000m the price go up to 550 for 1001mm to 1500mm f more than 1501mm then price range is 1501 to 2000mm

    Does make it sense or not.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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