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    I need to validate certain variables depending on the value of other variables, for example, we have 3 variables that are high, wide and diameter, the width and height would be the measurements of a piece of wood that has a hole in the center, when the client insert the width and the height will have to be warned in case of introduce a diameter that is not possible, imagine that we have a width of 10 centimeters and a height of 6 centimeters, the value of the diameter could not be greater than 5 centimeters because if not the piece would be illogical, How can I inform (or prevent) the client that could not enter that value and that this would have to be less than the smaller of the 2, that is, better than the high which is in this case the minor.

    Thank you



    You could map the “Error Cell” so that you can show an error using Excel formulas based on other fields values.

    You can read more here:

    Please in the documentation page look for “Error Cell”.

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    Sorry, I don’t understand how it works, there is an example in the documentation.



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    We don’t need the turn-key solution, we just need to understand how it works the error cell, to validate certain values of variables as you well said we can use Excel formulas, but we don’t know how to alert the user to change a value in a field that is out of the range of a variable that depends of other previous variable write in other of the input fields.

    We have created an outpu field in which the customer is informed of the maximum and minimum limits for the variables, but still the customer could add the product to the cart, which we need to alert the user of the error and can’t add the product until the customer has corrected that error.

    If you can we can chat for a moment, I give them the access data to the plugin on the web and can see what I mean in more detail.

    Thank you so much, best regards.

    David Boyle

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    Hello, I don’t need help on Excel, where I need help is in a question that our customer has requested us, and that we could discuss while maintaining a chat or a remote control session, in case you understand what I say you can tell me what cost would have, then you answer how to do it or do it yourself directly.



    Hello Tres Isi Mirobriga S.L.U.,

    I’ve sent an email to you.

    Kind Regards,

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