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    I am considering purchasing the pro plug-in but before I do I have a few questions. Also please take a look at the following website.

    I want my blinds website to work exactly the same as the one above. Can this be achieved with your plug-in?

    I have 5 Groups/Price Lists with multiple blinds/curtains in each. All blinds/curtains in one group are the same price. When I add a new product I want to be able to assign it to a group so it uses that price list. Can this be achieved with your plug-in?

    I want to add Groups/Price Lists via Excel. Can this be achieved with your plug-in?

    Do you offer a service to set this all up for me?



    Hello Lee,
    Yes we offer either support in the way you need either, if you like, the complete development up to arrive to the final solution on your pre-production web site.
    You can see at

    The plug-in is made exactly for the purpose you said.
    1. step: Design your Excel worksheet with fields, values and formulas.
    2. Test any calculation on your Excel worksheet until all the output fields are orrect
    3. upload and configure the WPC plug-in inside your ec-ommerce.
    4. Eventually use CSS or Theme for a better graphic shape.
    5. Each time you want to change calculations or constants etc. in your Woocommerce (values or formulas) change them first inside your Excel worksheet and, when you are convinced on the results, repeat the uploading procedure and in few minutes the new prices take effect.

    I saw the web site and I’am positive on the solution.
    So, please, send to your Excel or any description or give us same dates to schedule a live chat or Skype call.

    After that we can agree next steps


    I have replied to your emails twice with no responce. If I buy your plugin is this the kind of very poor support I can expect in the future?


    Hi Lee,

    I’m writing an email to you. Just a few minutes. You said you have time till tomorrow morning, so I’m working for you to complete your request.

    In general we send email in a few hours, but of course it depends on the complexity of the response.

    Quotes are generally quite complex, because it needs to read specifications, understand, make the quote and so on…

    Anyway our support answer within 24 hours.

    So I hope you don’t consider our support poor within the above limits.

    Kind Regards,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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