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    Hello Team,

    I read a lot about Woo price calculator and I am planning to purchase its pro version. I checked your facebook page as well and I found a coupon code, which is not working when I applied during purchase. Could you provide me a new coupon code to purchase this plug-in?

    Anjana Agrawal

    Massimo Angelone

    Hi Anjana
    Sorry about Vouchers, they run out almost one year ago!

    Because you discovered a “bug” inside our marketing team, we decide to award to you a prize for proving your sharpness!

    So after buying our plug-in, we will return back to you 15% what you paid.
    Sound good my proposal?


    Rohit Thakral

    Ok. Tried buying but we are VAT registered in Ireland and the website doesn’t give us an option to put the VAT number and remove VAT. That’s another bug. I am going to buy anyway and hope that you will refund that amount as well.

    Massimo Angelone

    Hi Rohit,
    If I understand well you want us to cancel the amount of VAT (11,04€) of our invoice E0094 of 28th of MAR and to mention your VAT number inside the invoice?
    Is it correct?
    If you wanted this you should had digit your VAT number during buying process!
    Anyway now we can produce a “negative” invoice to cancel the old one and produce the new one by hand.
    If this is what you want, please send your VAT number to our mail box so we can proceed in this way.
    Thank you

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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