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    Christian Burghart


    i have a lot of products with the same fieldnames. The fields have different min/max values or a different amount of list items, but they have the same label.
    If i start mapping the excel fields, i cant find out which input fields i have to connect, becaus of the same labels.

    In the mapping area, can you put the fieldnames beside the fieldlabels in the field-selector? The fieldnames are uniq ids, and i can match them better.
    Otherwise its to difficult to map the correct fields.

    That would be great.

    Thank you,


    Hi Chris,
    Yes, fields with same name could be a problem, but you can override the problem adding field ID to the field name.
    Please download the beta version (2.1.4) at: http://altoswebsolutions.com/beta/2.1.4/woo-price-calculator.zip

    To install it, please follow instructions at: https://altoswebsolutions.com/documentation/4-install-bugfix
    Bye David

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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