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    Gusti Ngurah


    I have the pro version, it’s working perfectly. It’s just I have this thing here I need to resolve.

    I just realised it today that the product variation (attibute) chosen doesn’t show on the cart/checkout/order details along with woopricecalculator parameters.

    I can easily use woopricecalculator parameters for those variation options, but they will show no images.

    I still need to use the product variation (attribute) dropdowns for the customers to see the images of the product options available. I intend to show them options of product shape & finishing options. But at the same time I need it to show in the cart/checkout/order details for the following purpose :
    1. In the cart/checkout for my customer to see, and also to separate orders of course
    2. And in order details for my production team to see, and later execute.

    I don’t want to make it redundant and leave my future customers confused if I use it twice (one on the product varation dropdown, and another same one on the woopricecalculator parameter). This is doable, but really bad idea. Haha.

    Is there anything I can do to to it? Can I tweak it in any way? Or do you guys have some ideas?

    Please help. Appreciate it so much.

    *I attach the image screenshot, the product variation dropdown is the top with the cursor on it.


    Hi Gusti,

    I think there is a workaround, but if you need more CSS, jQuery help for this problem I’m here for you:

    1) Using CSS hide the WooCommerce product variation field
    2) Create the same field in WooPriceCalculator as the WooCommerce product variation field
    3) Using jQuery, when the WooPriceCalculator field change, you need to change also the hidden WooCommerce product variation field

    So the user views only 1 field, and the fields are displayed in every step (backend included).

    Best regards,

    Gusti Ngurah

    Hi Enrico,

    Sorry for the late reply. Thanks so much for your idea! I really appreciate it.

    I tried step #1 & step #2, no big deal. I can do a bit of HTML and CSS. However, I have problem on step #3 because in the moment I have zero knowledge of jQuery.

    If you don’t mind, can you give me a short step-by-step instruction of the code (jQuery) I should write, on which file, and where I should write it?

    Thank you so much.


    Hi Gusti,

    Could you please send me your FTP/Wp-admin access credentials?

    I will work there direcly. Please send to me the product URL

    Best regards,

    Gusti Ngurah

    Hi Enrico, sorry for late reply. Thanks for your kind gesture!

    Ok, so I have created few products, each product may use all or only some of the attributes below. I need the Woopricecalculator field to be connected with the following attributes, like you said last time.

    These attributes, as you may know, can be found in Product > Attributes in admin panel :
    – Type
    – Finishing
    – Interior
    – Roda

    I’ve created some fields (and the option inside each of them) in the Woopricecalculator with exactly the same names as the attributes, as you instructed.

    Product urls* :

    *It’s the main shop url. There are only 6 (six) products. I tried to insert each product url, but then I can’t submit this message. It said : “You have too many links on this message. Please decrease them.”

    P.S : I’m using a plugin called Smart Variation Images (SVI), which basically shows different pictures based on the attributes chosen on the Woocommerce product variation field. I haven’t hidden the original Woocommerce product variation field, so you can see what the plugin does. I need it to work exactly like that using the Woopricecalculator field, after you work with the jQuery.

    P.P.S : In the Woocommerce product variation field, for the ‘Type’ attribute I only add pictures for the ‘Standalone’ option. Make sure you click on that option to test the SVI plugin. For the remaining attributes, you can choose as you like.

    Thank you Enrico! I owe you big time!

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