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    Hello there Woo Price Calculator Squad, I ran into a confuseness. First of all I’m probably interested into Pro version of plug-in, but firstly I have to try if the functions will work. Is there any bundle/bulk with discount if I will take it for 3 or more years, instead of 1 year?

    To the problem: I downloaded your free plug-in to test it out. I’m trying to make for myself an e-shop with jewelry, where customers will be able to put informations about thickness of ring from 1 mm to 20 mm, write down number from 41 to 80 (size), where one size number means +4Euros. If he decide to pick 41 it’s 4 extra euros to one stable price of product. If he decide to choose size 43 it’s 12 extra euros to the price. How can I do this? I am so confused about this calculator, I’m not an IT expert to play with math. Can you please help me to achieve my goal?

    Best Regards, Peter


    Hi Peter
    Before buying you can try on demo area.
    After buying we will support you on Excel expertise and any other help you need for 1 hour free.
    In this time is possible to include also a call/video conference. But I guess is not necessary for your issue.
    At the end if you are not satisfied we will return money back to you within first month.
    With your subscription you are able to download unlimited new plug-in versions for an entire year.
    Anyway you can use the plug-in for lifetime.

    About Excel problem it seems to me that could be solved easily with the Excel worksheet (PRO version only).
    Thank you David

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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