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    Hi, I bought this plugin after trying the free version. I set different prices for products that go by measures (1000 mm of a product would be 9 euros, 1000 mm of another product would be 10, etc). The customer must be able to choose the mm he wants and the price would change. After many attempts I managed to configure it in the free version and now trying it in the premium I can’t do it the same way. What I do is this:
    I make a field for product price 1 (9 euros)
    I make a field for the measurement (1000 mm)
    I set up a calculation by multiplying field 1 by field 2.
    It’s probably wrong, but the other time I got the prices right. Can you help me? thank you.


    Hello Mk,
    could you please write for me the (ID + Field Name + Type) which you create and also the formula .write also the url of your website .


    Lutfun shorna


    Hi Mk,
    did you solved your problem? please let us know a feedback cause we have to close our ticket system which we created for this issue.

    Lutfun shorna

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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