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    Guillermo Alberca

    Hello friends,
    My products require the customer to choose many variations. The problem is that when I go to the cart the format of the information takes up too much space. What should I do so that the user’s choices are shown on the right side, instead of on the bottom?
    I would also like to reduce the vertical space between fields (padding – bottom) to 8 px

    Thank you.


    Dear Guillermo Alberca,

    WooPrice Calculator at the moment doesn’t provide a override feature for the cart.

    Sorry but this activity would be a customization…If you are interested in our quotation could be 24 euros, if you want to be developed by us.

    For more information about customization check here:

    Kind Regards,

    Guillermo Alberca

    Hello Enrico! As you did not answer me, I was investigating and I found 2 ways to do it (I say it in case someone could be worth something).
    -The first is by directly modifying the php file, more specifically the file item.php. You have to extract the ‘echo’ from the class ‘dt and dd’. It is more copied but I imagine that the changes will be lost with the updates. It would not be bad Enrico if there was an option to choose if you want a visualization in the cart: ‘compressed’ or an ‘expanded’ visualization in the Plugin menu. 😉
    This way is the best because although the texts are long you will always see everything right.

    -The 2nd is with CSS, including the following code in the CSS file of your template (Appearance / Customize / Additional CSS …). It is a visual trick but if the texts are not very long it is seen correctly.

    [b].variation.awspc-variation.awspc-variation-cart {
    line-height: 5%;
    .awspc-variation-value {

    I have finally decided to use option 2, using the CSS code to avoid losing the change in the next updates of the Plugin.
    Anyway, Enrico, I have to tell you that I expected at least a little help. Look at the image that I attached, it is from your own website, in one of the post of your blog there is an image that illustrates just what I wanted to do. I do not know if the plugin used to show the data in the cart in that format.

    Thank you very much in all the ways Enrico. Greetings.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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